Avoid passport panic!

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The panic of not being able to find your passport – have you felt it?  This can also occur when you realize your passport has or is about to expire.  Passport panic is one of the most jarring types of panic you can experience.  The closer to your date of departure, the more panicked you may become.

When first considering a trip, check your passport’s expiration date.  Even if you think you know, check it.  Many countries around the world require 3-6 months passport validity beyond your date of departure from their country.

While some countries require only 3 months, there have been instances where airlines have refused to board passengers with less than 6 months.  You are at the mercy of airline personnel, so check your passports expiration and the destination entry requirements when first considering a trip.

Your passport should live in only one place when you are not traveling.  As soon as you return home, your passport should be returned to that specific place.  If you take it out at any time for information, return it immediately to its storage spot.

When packing in the day or two before, place your passport with your boarding pass and both should have a specific place when you travel.  These two spots should rarely, if ever, vary.  This way you can always locate your passport.

This seems so simple, yet when arriving home from a trip, it is easy to be diverted to returning to everyday life.  Passports can be left by accident with travel documents, in a side pocket or in the bottom of a bag.  After 3, 6 or even 12 months, would you remember where you last saw it?  Storing your passport in only one place, means there will be only one place to look.

Considering a trip?  Check your passport and give me a call to discuss entry requirements for your destination(s).

Pat Ogle-CollinsAvoid passport panic!

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