Australia is a wonderful travel destination – the locals are friendly and receive visitors with open arms. There are no language barriers so you are able to move confidently through your interactions. Coffee lovers be forewarned – Australians take their coffee drinking very seriously so you might be “ruined for life” after experiencing their rich and full bodied coffees with frothy milk.

Travelers can expect many sun-filled days since Australia is one of the driest continents. Australia also boasts one of the longest coastlines across the globe so there are many opportunities for the perfect beach day. The natural landscapes are vast and varied – from beautiful sandy white beaches along the coast to the expansive outback – the distinct and remote interior. There are fast paced cities as well as many charming small towns peppered throughout – explore and enjoy!

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Australia is a natural choice for adventurous travel. The Great Barrier Reef is well known as a hot spot for scuba divers, the coastal waves draw surfers from all around the world, and backpackers are often found crisscrossing the outback. Wizard of Odysseys is very well versed on coordinating the perfect Australian adventure – give us a call today!