Cultural Travel

Cultures and customs differ greatly as you travel region to region, but the love of  celebration is universal. Cultural travel is a niche travel market that is a broad term that encompasses both an interest in experiencing different cultures as well as a love for attending cultural festivals across the globe.

Whether it is retracing your own family roots to further identify with your own cultural roots, or if there is a culture that appeals to you and you would like participate in further, we are your cultural travel specialists!

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Cultural Festivals

One example of a cultural festival is Brazil’s Carnival – considered “the greatest show on Earth”. A colorful and vibrant celebration that attracts approx. 5 million people each year. Historically a religious celebration, Carnival has evolved into so much more – an elaborate extravaganza that culminates with a samba competition in the Sambadrome, where spectators watch the colorful dancing of the top samba teams as they compete for national acclaim and prizes.

There are festivals and celebrations everywhere across the globe! Contact us today to coordinate the cultural travel experience of your dreams!