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Welcome to Wizard of Odysseys LLC! We are proud to be a boutique vacation travel design and management company that has been in business for 15+ years! We find joy in assisting our clients as they choose their next travel experience through personalized planning, design, and management of their journeys.

Much like a other trusted personal advisors across differing industries such as doctors, lawyers, financial planners or hairdressers, Wizard of Odysseys seeks to create long-standing relationships with our clients based on their travel experiences and a desire to excel in creating memorable vacations together for many years to come.

As a busy professional, wife and mother, vacation planning became another job for Pat and others she knew. Traveling became an annual beach vacation because it was easy to plan. Given the opportunity to change course, Pat opened Wizard of Odysseys LLC to assist busy professionals in planning the vacations that required more research and time than was available in their busy lives. Wizard of Odysseys LLC now has clients who have traveled to all 7 continents, sailed most major oceans and travel from every couple of years to multiple times a year. Pat takes pride in long standing client relationships, the unique experiences she creates and her focus on customer service.

Pat Ogle-Collins

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Curiosity about the world and a desire to assist others in seeing the world she continues to explore led Pat to establish Wizard of Odysseys LLC in 2004.

Starting with annual family vacations in RVs and tents, Pat continued to expand her journeys through Girl Scouts and then as an exchange student to New Zealand while in high school. Following college where she majored in International Relations, she moved to Germany allowing her to explore Europe and Africa.

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