New Zealand

New Zealand is known for incredible scenery and friendly locals – affectionately known as Kiwis! In nature, a kiwi is a small flightless bird that is the national symbol of New Zealand, if lucky enough, you might spot one on your travels.

Fine dining and cultural diversity can be found in the larger cities, most notably, Auckland. Travelling through New Zealand is easier than one might think with a well laid out road system. Safety isn’t an issue even for those travelling alone, for both crime is extremely low and there are no worrisome or dangerous plants or wildlife. In fact, New Zealand is only one of two countries in the world that does not have snakes.

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Breathtaking Scenery

New Zealand has a temperate climate that appeals to travelers – there is never a bad time to visit! Just like its sister country Australia, New Zealand offers a diverse natural landscape. Glaciers, mountains, fjords, volcanoes, green plains, forests, hot springs and beaches – with so many unique things to see, no two days of travel ever have to be the same!

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