The allure and romanticism of Italy has kept it as a top vacation destination for many years running. Travelers from all around the world flock to Italy to soak up and experience the beauty, rich history, deeply rooted culture and delicious food first hand. Italy can be summed up as “small but mighty” as far as countries go but every inch of Italy has history seeping out of its pores.

Italy is a unified country but every region is distinctly unique having its own dialect, cultural nuances, traditions, and cuisine. Travelers could spend endless amounts of time wandering from town to town exploring and never get bored or see the same thing twice.

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When visiting Italy, you will likely want to visit some of the major cities such as  Rome, Florence, Ravenna, and Venice. Please note: these are very popular cities for tourists to visit from across the globe. We highly recommend partnering with a tour company to maximize your sightseeing and minimize your frustration.

There are several tour companies that Wizard of Odysseys maintains connections with so that we may offer you the most current and up-to-date offerings. Tours are a wonderful way to stay organized and to make sure that you are see the highlights that an area has to offer without feeling overwhelmed.