You dream of traveling and now you are ready for your trip.  You’ve done some research and found your air and hotel and read up on all the sights and you are ready to go.  But…..


You don’t know how to get from city A to city B and hope you will figure it out there
You didn’t realize you have to change airports to get to your connecting flight
The prescription you take is illegal where you are going
Your passport isn’t really valid for entry into your destination even thought it has not yet expired


Or you want


to reserve a candlelight dinner in the African bush
to find all the events at Carnival in Venice that only the locals know about
to bungee jump in New Zealand
to find seats at the Oktoberfest
to find someone to take you shopping in the real Paris


(We know about all these and a lot more because, these problems and requests are just a sampling of what we have done for our clients).


We’re Wizards.   We plan trips all day every day and we travel a lot.  Do you diagnose your own illness, rewire the circuit breaker box or prepare the deed to your house? No, you leave it to the experts, because you want to save time and/or  you want it done well.   Yet the cost of this expertise is no more than when you book directly yourself.  Each trip is different and there may be fees for special services, complicated trips or arrangements that do not pay commission, but these fee are disclosed as part of the discussion and/or proposal.


We want your trip to be so good that you can’t stop talking about it when you return.  After all, the vast majority of our business is from referrals, which is probably how you found this website.



In the words of a client, “You have made all of our trips, the trip of a lifetime!”  Let us make an amazing trip for you.