ATM use on vacationThe most recognized species in the world is a tourist!  So the best thing you can do is to protect yourself and your belongings by being less obvious and taking precautions.

  • Know your destination.  Do some research online regarding what to wear to fit in with the locals.  Around the world, this means avoiding sneakers and shorts.  Jeans should be in good condition and fit well.  
  • Beware of “dress codes.”  Shoulders and knees must be covered to enter churches in Italy.  Muslim countries require varying degrees of cover for women.  Camouflage is illegal in St. Lucia.
  • Carry only small amounts of cash and keep copies of credit card numbers and customer service numbers.
  • Visit ATMs during the day that are clearly visible to others or that have restricted access.
  • Carry a copy of your passport with you and leave your actual passport in the room save or have the front desk store it in the safe.  
  • Do not leave valuables unlocked in your room.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with friends and family.   When going out, let others traveling with you know when you will return to your hotel.
  • Be inconspicuous when lost and referring to a map.  Step into a shop, restaurant or other building to study a map and determine next steps.
  • Carry wallets in front pockets or in bags with straps that cross over your head and body.
  • Avoid demonstrations, rallies or other gatherings.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.