How to pack for a tripNever do you hear “I can’t wait to pack for my trip.”  Packing is seen as the price you must pay to travel.  Travelers fear –

  • Forgetting something
  • Insufficient options
  • Insufficient space

Rules to Help Make Packing Easier

  • Your mantra while packing and throughout your trip is “These people will never see me again.”  So wearing a piece of clothing 4 times should not be an issue.
  • Vacation is about treating yourself, so one of your treats is to use the hotel laundry service for a couple of pieces, if necessary.  The cost really is minimal when you look at the hassle of dealing with clothing in suitcases.
  • Wash clothes during your shower.  If you are checking out, place wet items in a plastic bag and hang up on arrival at your next hotel.
  • When you are ready to pack, put everything on the bed before putting anything in the suitcase.  Remove 10-50%.  The amount depends on how much you have brought home unworn on past trips.
  • Make children follow these rules as well.