Map of OceaniaFrom a travel perspective, Oceania, including Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, is one of the most distant and exotic areas of the world, but amazingly familiar as well.   English makes these areas popular destinations, but make sure to allow plenty of time once you arrive as distances to and within this area are significant.  Australia is the size of the US and New Zealand from north to south is 1500 miles! The friendly people,  beautiful scenery and native culture make these musts on your bucket list!  Thousands of islands exist in the southern Pacific, most with limited tourism facilities.  Most popular of these islands are Fiji and French Polynesia’s Society Islands.

Those that love scenery, adventure, romance, diving/snorkeling, food and wine will enjoy this area of the world.  Most visit Australia and NZ in our winter months to coincide with their summer.  Dry season with cooler temps in Tahiti and Fiji make May-October the time to go.



Popular Oceania Destinations - Australia, New Zealand, French PolynesiaUp and Coming Oceania Destinations - Papua New Guinea, Fiji