Map of AfricaAfrica seems to be the world’s most misunderstood destination.  Most think of sub-Saharan Africa and safaris.  Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa top the list with their diversity of wildlife and their classic safari experiences.  Not to be ignored are the diversity of people and cultures.    Africa offers so much more – from the casbahs  and Atlas mountains of Morocco to the foggy, shipwreck littered Namibian coast, from the Pyramids of Giza outside Cairo to Volcanos National Park, home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.

Due to the size of Africa, peak travel times vary, particularly in southern Africa where season are opposite of those in the US, so November-January is very busy, particularly around the holidays.   Tourism to Tanzania peaks in January to February with the wildebeast calving and then in Kenya from August to October with the migration.   Due to the size many of the countries and travel time to Africa, plan 10 – 14 days to focus on one country or neighboring areas of two countries.  Allow for longer trips to visit more.  Africa appeals to those interested in adventure, nature/wildlife, romance, history and wine. 


Popular Africa Destinations - Kenya, Tanzania, South AfricaUp and Coming Africa Destinations - Namibia, Zambia, Uganda