Getting there should be fun, but the transportation part of travel frequently feels like work.  Options abound for helping to make getting there enjoyable.  


Suggestions to Make Journeys Enjoyable

  • Interior of a Luxury TrainUse frequent flyer miles to upgrade to premium economy or business class.  For business class upgrades, book well in advance due to limited availability, particularly on overseas flights.
  • On arrival, book private transfers so that you get assistance with your luggage and direct transportation to your hotel.
  • Within Europe, book first class rail for wider seats, more legroom and extra service when traveling within a country or to neighboring countries. 
  • Take extra time with a transatlantic cruise to/from Europe.  No jet leg and a  much more enjoyable experience than flying.
  • Make the journey the experience with a luxury rail trip offered in a number of regions around the world.
  • Explore the world on a round the world cruise or a shorter segment lasting from 15 to over 100 days.  
  • When you want to cover a lot of territory but commercial flying isn’t worth the hassle, private jet tours provide comfort, convenience and service, reducing your travel time and delivering you to your destinations more refreshed so you can enjoy the sights and experiences of your travel to the fullest.