Wedding in Greece

Wedding in GreeceWe don’t often do weddings but sometimes there is just something about the request that we say yes.  A past client called to ask about wineries that overlook the Mediterranean as a location for a wedding. On the cliffs of  Santorini, Greece, an island that is actually the rim of an extinct volcano with the caldera filled flooded by the Mediterranean, sits a small winery with a terrace overlooking the water, creating a truly memorable setting for a wedding.  

A destination wedding is much more than the ceremony and reception.  This becomes an event over several days to a week because you don’t just travel to Greece for the weekend.  The bride and groom offered a variety of activities to their guests including a wine tour, a cruise around the island and the caldera, a cooking class and guided island tours.  As with any wedding there were also events for the entire group including a pre-wedding dinner at a local restaurant with Greek music and dancing and a local tradition “the making of the bed” attended by the female friends and family of the bride to shower her with well wishes.  The wedding took place in the late afternoon with a brilliant Santorini sunset providing the backdrop for a joyous reception with Greek food, wine and music lasting well into the evening.  

Your wedding day stands out as one of the most special days of your life.  For the family and friends that attended this wedding, the trip also turned out to be the trip of a lifetime because the setting, the celebration and the fun created special memories of an adventure for everyone!