In the Steps of My Father

Travel is all about seeing and experiencing.  Many of our clients want to learn about the places they visit, so history and culture predominate many of the trips we create.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to deeply impact clients as we did with a client who wanted to visit Normandy where his father landed the day after D-Day.  

In planning a trip to Europe, including time in Normandy to see where his father had landed the day after D-Day, the client requested a day trip from Paris.  Due to the personal significance of this part of the trip, we recommended a several day stay and a private tour with an expert on the history of D-Day to guide.  This would give the client the freedom and flexibility to focus on places important to him.  In a later conversation the client described a book he possessed that was issued by the Army detailing the role and movements of his father’s unit during these critical days during the war.  Copies of key pages of this book were sent to the guide for the preparation of a thorough personal itinerary following his father’s movements in relation to other key events of D-Day and subsequent days.

Upon his return, the client thanked us for helping him feel closer to his father than he has in years, explaining that he understood so much more after being in Normandy than he could have ever learned from a book or only hearing from others.


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