Family History

Family History VacationsTo mark the retirement of her sister, a client wanted to take her sister to the land of their family heritage – Scotland.  While their family name is not an unusual Scottish name, no history of the family existed.  With some research, Wizard of Odysseys identified the clan castle in  southwest Scotland.   


Working with the Historic Scotland, responsible for safeguarding Scotland’s historic environment, we discovered the owner of the privately held castle and initiated negotiations for entrance by our client. Unfortunately, the request was denied but alternatively, the client met with an expert on the family clan, providing information about the history of the clan and the castle.


To round out their trip, the clients explored Edinburgh, including the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, dinner at the Witchery and a soccer match between the Hibernians and the Rangers of the Scottish Premier Soccer League in addition to a day trip to explore the area surrounding the clan castle.  


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