Family beach vacation packagesWith the full schedules of families and distances between family members, holidays, celebrations and short visits often don’t provide the quality time families want.  With travel everyone gets a vacation and plenty of time to spend with others.  No one is  in the kitchen cooking  or sleeping on the floor.   And more and more companies are designing travel to meet the ever growing demand for this type of travel.  

Tips for Successful Extended Family Vacations

  • Start the planning process 9-12 months in advance, increasing the lead time for busy travel times and/or larger groups.
  • Designate one point of contact to be the central point of contact for working with your travel advisor.
  • Be frank when talking about budgets and clear on who is financially responsible for each part of trip, e.g. air, hotels, activities, expenses while traveling, insurance, etc.
  • Factor in physical capabilities and ages of all members of the family when selecting type of trip and/or destinations.
  • Recognize the destination or type of trip you think is perfect may not be perfect everyone, so be flexible.

Extended Family Vacation Ideas 

  • All inclusives, such as Beaches  or Dreams
  • Cruises on Disney or Royal Caribbean
  • Family tours with Tauck Bridges or Collette