Family Travel

Family Vacation PackagesFamily travel no longer means hours in the car heading to grandma’s house, the same beach house or mountain cabin.  A multitude of options exist to fit your budget, vacation time, interests and ages.  Family travel is about sharing experiences and time; to learn about each other and the destination;  and to laugh and enjoy. 

Tips for Successful Family Vacations

  • Include all family members in the planning.  When everyone gets a say in the trip, each person in more likely to enjoy the trip.
  • Incorporate activities specifically for each family member so they will look forward to their activity and not feel like  they are doing only things others want.  
  • Include unplanned time each day to rest, deal with delays and/or take advantage of unexpected discoveries.
  • Be willing to divide family so parents spend  focused time with children or and doing favorite activities.
  • Know and respect your family’s schedule, rhythm and tolerances.  Don’t fall into  the “this is a once in a lifetime” trip  that leads to over scheduling and “should do” sightseeing of interest to no one.
  • Leverage the objectivity of Wizard of Odysseys to  help create consensus and allow all the members of the family to enjoy the trip.


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