Small Ship/Yacht

Small ships and yacht sailing provide passengers specialized experiences. Focused on nature, culture and/or history, experiences and enrichment, experts and guest lecturers lay a foundation for the destination and/or provide commentary about sightings while at sea and during visits to ports of call.   Vessels with capacities from 2 to 350 passengers visit ports that larger vessels cannot, so port visits are less crowded and more authentic.

Small Ship and Yacht Cruises

Don’t be fooled, while these ships are small, their special focus makes for a grand experience.

Unique Options for a Cruise Vacation


  • Star Clippers – masted tall ships with elegance
  • Windstar –  large yachts, some with motorized sails


  • Lindblad – partnered with National Geographic for high enrichment cruising experience
  • Silversea – luxury expeditions


  • Silversea – ultra luxury cruising with notable attention to dining and service
  • Seabourne – refined with focus on service with personal attention
  • River Barging (Europe) – very small ships (2-30 passengers) with very intimate experience

Coastal, Inland Seaways and Island

  • American Cruise Lines (US) – congenial ambiance with cruises 
  • Hurtigruten (Norway) – sailing the fjords of Norway, ships originally delivered mail to small isolated towns
  • Louis Cruise Lines (Greece, Turkey) – destination oriented cruises rather than a ship focused cruise experience