Cruise Vacation Packages


For many, a cruise is the ultimate vacation.  Exotic ports of call,  staff at your beck and call,  elegant dining and entertainment and unpacking/packing only once!  With so many cruise lines, destinations and styles of cruising, there truly is a cruise for everyone.  Today’s cruises cover all areas of the world on ships of varying sizes and styles from 2 to well over 100 nights long.  Too often we at Wizard of Odysseys hear of bad cruise experiences.  We take the time to find help you assess lots of different aspects of cruising to help you find just the right cruise for your.  

Additional Factors for the Perfect Cruise

  • Casual or formal atmosphere
  • Level of activity desired
  • Dining options available, including times, venues and types of offerings
  • Accessibility of sites of interest from ports
  • Special needs


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